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Our Leaders Exchange is a place for government executives and leaders to exchange best practices, thought leadership and share ideas for solving the markets' biggest problems.

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Metrics Study Documents

Public Spend Forum is currently engaged in an extensive research study of public procurement metrics. Our study is still ongoing, so check back here for updates and supporting documents. And if you'd like to participate in the study, please do get in touch.



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Workforce Competencies Study

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Featured Content

January 2016 Exchange Meeting

In the second meeting, we discussed the desired role, outcomes and metrics of public procurement.

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October 2015 Exchange Meeting

In our first meeting of the Leaders Exchange, members helped set the agenda and direction for the group.

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June 2016 Meeting

At our summer meeting, exchange members held a lively discussion around a DHS innovation in industry engagement.

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IT Report: Billions in the Balance

Our report offers practical advice for organizations looking to improve their IT procurement.

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April 2016 Exchange Meeting

Public procurement workforce competencies, supplier engagement and challenges in the UK made up this month's agenda.

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